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Double Flap Valve

bag filter

Product Details :

"Fourteckh Enviro (India) Private Limited'' is recognised in the industry as the Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Flap valve and offers a wide range of this product.

Double Flap Valve allows material to flow, while preventing the back flow of air or gas that is critical in many conveying systems. These devices are commonly used wherever dry solids need to be moved between areas of differing air pressure, including ash handling. Typical Double Flap Valve equipment applications include drop-out box hoppers, Dust Collectors, Bag Houses, Precipitators and screw conveyors. Double Flap Valves can handle material like Fly Ash, Sawdust, Lime, Cement, Clinker, Sinter and sand. Other types of material can be collected as long as they are granular, not sticky and flow freely by gravity. This Flap Valve can be motorized, pneumatic & gravity operated.